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Community Service Platform

Millions of people need some sort of assistance in the society. Many young people feel the necessity of social contribution but cannot manage time or cannot access adequate information to contribute.


Design an app and website that will provide people in the community with a platform where they can find ways to contribute to the society by joining community service events.

User Research

To understand people’s perception of social contribution and participation in local community services, I have conducted user interviews with people in my community. 

From the research, it has been understood that people are concerned about society and want to contribute to make the society a better place for everyone. Most people are not sure about how to share their contribution. Most working people struggle to manage time for the community service activities. Almost all of the participants raised concern about reliability of the different initiatives happening in the community.

User Persona
User Persona 1
User Persona 2

I did Crazy 8 exercise to generate quick ideas to solve the problems in hand. My focus was to provide user an easy to use platform that helps finding and participating in events.

Ideation on Paper
Digital wireframes

With the research findings and ideation works, I started working on the digital wireframes. I try to keep the process very intuitive and clear to understand.

Digital Wireframe
Usability study
  • Study type: Moderated usability study
  • Location: Bangladesh, remote
  • Participants: 5 participants
  • Length: 20-30 minutes
  1. Confirmation: Users want to learn about the conditions of participation before confirmation.
  2. Filtering: Users want to filter the search results based on location, timing & prerequisites.
  3. Location: Users want to see the event location without entering the details screen
High-fidelity prototype

By incorporating all the findings from usability study, I prepared the Hi-Fi Prototype. You can view the prototype from this link.

Accessibility considerations
  1. For better navigation with assistive technology I used landmark in the design.
  2. I have marked navigation annotations to guide developer to implement the right traversal order.
  3. I have maintained high contrast in the design to make it more accessible. I used clear hierarchy in heading and maintained high color contrast.

After completing the mobile app, I moved my focus to the responsive website. First I planned the website sitemap for better design the structure of the website.

Responsive designs

I designed the website to be accessible from different screen sizes. The design is adapted based on the screen size and device.

Website view for different screens
Next steps
  1. Conduct another round of usability study to understand how users are making the best use of their time and efforts.
  2. Incorporate more ways for users to participate in any event.
  3. Incorporate reward system in the app to motivate users to participate more often.
What I learned

I have learned that keeping users feedback front and center helped the design process producing a suitable, efficient and delightful experience.

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