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Timesheet App for Restaurant

There is no efficient way of keeping track of the time spent at work and submit accurate timesheet information for busy restaurant staffs.


Design a mobile app that will make the process of keeping timesheet easy, efficient and accurate.

User Research

To empathize with the users, I virtually interviewed 6 restaurant workers. With the help of empathy mapping, I tried to understand the user groups, their needs and pain points. The primary user group for this product will be the restaurant stuffs who are not having any managerial role.

Research revealed that most stuffs in restaurants spent a busy hours during their work hour and often forget to log time. Besides, logging time is not the only issue. Managing leaves and overtime are also critical to make sure accurate paycheck.

User Pain Points
Pain Points of Users
User Persona
User Persona
User Journey Map
User Journey Map
Paper wireframes

After the initial research, I focused on ideation. I started making paper wireframes to quickly explore possible solutions to the problems in hand. On the image you can see multiple iterations and the parts of the wireframe I liked.

Paper Wireframe
Digital wireframes

I further refined the ideas during Digital wireframe but the focus was still on solving problems users are facing and reflecting the feedback gathered during user research.

I went for the bottom navigation pattern to keep the flow easily accessible and intuitive.

Digital Wireframes
Usability study

I have conducted two rounds of usability studies – one with the low fidelity prototype and the second one with the high fidelity prototype. After the first round, I used the feedback to turn the lo-fi prototype into high fidelity mockups. Second round helped me identify the areas where fine tuning would improve the user experience further.

Findings of Usability Studies
High-fidelity prototype

The final prototype incorporated all the user feedback. It provides a much more efficient way of keeping timesheet. It has a clean and easy to follow user flow which is highly accessible. View the prototype

High Fidelity Mockups
Accessibility considerations
Next steps
  1. Another round of usability study is required to ensure all the issues identified earlier are addressed and resolved properly.
  2. Complete other flows of the app e.g. signup, edit profile etc.
  3. Observe user behavior on the app and conduct further research to identify other needs and opportunities.
What I learned

This project was a great learning experience. I realized how user study unveiled many fresh perspectives into the design process. I learned about being aware of the biases and how to avoid them. 

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